Physician Is Within You!  

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Have you ever looked out over a huge forest and asked yourself who puts the chemicals and fertilizers on them to make them grow as beautiful as they are? No one does because nature with her energy knows best on how to make everything grow without poisons to kill off what makes it so beautiful. The food we eat can do the exact same thing and we don't have to use one chemical to make it happen. We can have a very energized healthy people with food to feed everyone. Food chemicals were created so man can profit and get ugly rich as mankind suffers. It has nothing to do with keeping us safe and healthy. Food can either heal us or harm us.

We are what we digest and what we digest comes from the soil. If our food producing soils are minerally depleted, biologically inactive and chemically contaminated, then so is our food! Unfortunately the tale of extractive agriculture over the past few decades involves all three of these limiting factors and our food has suffered as a result. There have been several studies that have highlighted this decline. 

In fact, there are nutritionists now claiming that the food we currently consume has just thirty percent or less of the nutrition found in the food consumed by our Grandparents when they were children, This dramatic decline is not solely related to a decline in soil fertility, It is also linked to food processing, preparation and transport, but the soil is a major player. We have became lazy letting big food control what we put into our bodies and have never questioned them up until now. 

You and I must take back what makes us healthy so their medical doctors don't push a chemical drug onto us because the food we eat causes a dis-ease within our bodies. See here how our genes have little to do with our health issues. It can be controlled by not putting bad food or drugs into our mouths. This site I created because I also got caught up in their trap and became ill but pushed myself to do something about it before I went to far with their experimental traps.


Here is the very best lesson on how human health is related to the soil of the earth. We are one in the same but when chemicals are added our health declines. Please watch the truth here!

*Please know that I am not a medical doctor or a health practitioner. I can not diagnose your health problems nor can I guarantee a cure. I am here to share my knowledge, which applications have worked for me and to offer suggestions of where you may go physically, emotionally and spiritually for healing and self-empowerment. If you choose to explore alternative medicine, do not independently stop taking your prescribed medications. Always consult with your current doctor as well as your new alternative healing practitioner when changing your medical program and if you or a family member have a medical emergency don't hesitate to call 911. This is a non profit web site. All products on this site you purchase directly from merchant selling that product.