Physician Is Within You!  

I.G. Farben "Is Not Dead!"

Their Concentration Camp Is Still Producing Lethal Chemicals(+), Drugs (+++++)and "Now Frankenfood!"

YES! I, Tom A. Majors worked and walked the halls of

Hitlers I.G. Farben "Chemical & Drug" Headquarters

during my 1969 through 1977 tours with the US Army in Frankfurt Germany.

  It was an experience I will never forget.

Watch the YouTube video "War on Health" with mention of  Farben in it. The photos and other document are showing that I attended the Frankfurt American High School is/was located directly behind the Farben Building as seen in photo of the Farben complex to the left. In grad photo I am top right on chapel steps +. At the top of this page you will see the Farben Building & "the church" (?) still standing (invested interest protected) with everything else around bombed during WWll

Self @ Train Station   Residents While @ Farben

A Duck @ Farben    Farbens Streetcar #13 (decommissioned)

Farben Building Transfer! (No News Coverage?)

Is the course of history being changed right before our eyes? Headquarters V Corps was in Frankfurt at the I.G. Farben Building? View new news here?

~The Real Frankenstein Monster~
 The frankfurter(hot dog) originated in Frankfurt. The Frankenstein monster
also in Frankfurt's I.G. Farben as can be seen in the body parts in this clip.
I.G. Farben "Lives On To Deceive Mankind!"


The  large sums of money which is paid will keep deceiving mankind. They will not walk away from it.

No Matter How Many They Maim or Murder!

Monsanto - The New I.G. Farben & World Chemical(Drug) Dictator

Business With Diseases

Switzerland and I.G. Farben

Alternative  Healing  Doctors

Monsanto Auschwitz    USA    Monsanto GMO

Chem+Drug=Death              Multiple Chemical Sensitivity             Help
Hillary Presidents Campaign? Dr. Oz Mazola corn oil & Bayer sponsored Non-GMO SOY?
Sixty-four other countries banned GMO's (DNA) but "Oz" said it is the pesticides & not the GMO's?


I.G. Farbens New Medical Experimentation Camp

I.G. Farben (CHEMFDA, AMA, ADA +,+,+, USDA, EPA) has taken complete ownership of the American

people just as they had done with the German soldiers(pawns) and Jews in the concentration camps in

Europe. The Jews were lined up and told to take off their clothes to showerOthers were used as

experimental chemical, mental experiments  and surgical slaves. We are not that much different then as 

today as we line up
without question (safer cures are being kept from us as they force their medical ways

on us
)when they with their propaganda scare tactics tell us to take this and that chemical drug or surgical

procedure.  What happened to the Jews is now happening to us in a around about way to where
we do not recognize what  is happening to us just as it happened to them. We are now served up

chemically tainted lab food from their USDA supermarkets that we spend money on that which was

invented by their lab techs. We take that stuff home with us and consume it or eat it from one of their
fast food drive thru windows.  This goes on for several years before it takes its toll on our bodies. Then

we go to their lab people in white coats which really are the same circle of people that experimented on

the Jewish slaves in the concentration camps but now wearing white coats. They do not teach us

about healing foods nutrition in their schools but instead kill our soils with their chemical poisons and

GMO seeds so that we are not able to grow nourishing foods. Then brainwash us into thinking we are

not smart enough to take care of ourselves and force sick care  insurance onto us so we are now taken

care of by their white coated people. Then they tell us to take this and that
chemical drug to see what

effects it has on us. If one doesn't do anything they tell us to try another one. So now we find ourselves

taking ten of these things and then we die from the toxic over load of what we thought could make us

better. They are trying their very best to
destroy the food we eat of its true value so we are forced to go

to their people in the white coats. Without disease and suffering they know they can not profit.
So your food is what they target.  
"Toxins Disguised As Food"

Followed By Pain & Suffering!

They now know you have a high mortgage payment or rent, car payment, kids to feed or worse yet on

 food stamps and can't afford to buy real organic food to stay well.  You are trapped and forced to buy

 their cheap chemical lab foods!!! The true answer for most of our health issues comes from not eating

 the food God or Nature gave us to eat to stay well which comes straight from living organic seed
and soil. Our bodies are not designed to eat food chemicals
or RX "chemical drugs".

Stop Being A Toxic Experiment 

For Them To Line Their Pockets With Gold And Silver!

In Gods or Natures name
please take that  little hard earned money
eat healthier to put an end to most of the pain + and suffering!

To make sure what goes into your mouth is safe muscle test it first or better yet
 grow your own poison free gardens organically indoors or in a greenhouse!
Don't let them put you onto one of their profit making boxcars 
with their food chemical poisons so they can roll you down the track
 into their profit making hospital to pump one or more of their profit making