Physician Is Within You!  

Tracks From or Into Chemical-Drug Enslavement?

"This life is full of mysteries ++ in which we must unravel before we get to the real truth of living a pure and natural life. Our creator did not create earth for people to live in a world of pain and suffering. Man with his evil ways at finding ways to deceive his fellow man(or self) has made a total mess of our pure and natural earth. We being put here by our creator must do all we can to return it to its true beginnings. Teach your children about ~IG Farben Monsanto~ and we may reverse its curse in our creators name I pray."  t.a.m.

*We must fully understand I.G. Farben before going onto the Cancer Cures Series Below.



Challenge Coins

These coins represent an era of when the US military occupied Europe and Hitlers I.G. Farben(Monsanto) Chemical-Drug building after World War 2. The evil intent of saving this building had nothing to do with the men and women(pawns) which served there

but the cover up of Gods natural healing cures

with chemical drugs. Lawn & farm poisons to kill weeds(healing herbs) which cure mankind's ailments free of charge given to us by our creator but taken away by love of money along with so much needless

pain and suffering using these chemicals & drugs.

                                           May God open closed eyes and ears!

Learn The Truth Here About Aspirin (+ + +) & Street Drugs By IG Farben


Join Me On My Amazing Journey 

Frankfurt + + + + , Heidelberg ++ , Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Ft.  Belvior, Va. (ETS 1979) My birthplace Wash, DC.

(My First Duty Assignment: 7th PSYOPS Group + + + + & Not Forgotten +)  

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