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Big Money Food-Pharma Lies or "Truth In Healing"

By keeping the money in one store they make it easy for themselves... and you?

You can now buy your chemical drugs at the same store you buy your chemical foods.

(Lets not forget about their factory farmed superbugs)


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There are many other natural cures for diseases.


Cures Hidden By Big Pharma

Hippocrates the father of medicine taught us that (organic) food can be used as medicine but big food and drug figured out if this is true they would not be able to sell their chemicals and drugs. So they seemed to have found a way to destroy our soil and food with their chemicals to make sure food would no longer be used for healing. Now they have a monopoly on our health. And yes this has created the need for more doctors, nurses and hospitals. Never stop searching for the truth.

Hippocrates Oath "First Do No Harm"

John D. Rockefeller

Supported by the Rothschild Family dominated the oil industry with his Standard Oil Company subsequently set his sight on creating a medical monopoly which he thought might be more profitable than his oil business.(+) Spraying or adding chemicals into our food supply is very profitable for their drug and disease business! To get the people to like the name Rockefeller they gave away "free silver" dimes to children(which in the eyes of the parents these are good people that would never do no harm)in hopes to get their business in their later years. And yes, they got all their dimes back and more when they told people about their "March of Dimes."

(Money motivated and not thinking about helping or curing anyone)

His father, William A. Rockefeller, also known as "WILD BILL" Rockefeller made money by selling snake oil formulas that is purported to be able to cure many different things. The special medicine is a scam that is made mostly from "petroleum that include other chemicals"(the oil coats the intestinal walls causing malnutrition for future business; nothing has changed from then up until now), and compounds including drugs such as cocaine which made users feel good temporarily causing a strong desire for them to want more. The basis of these special medical products of "Wild Bill" Rockefeller would then be enlarged upon to be used as the concept for pharmaceutical drugs.

The drugs business became so lucrative that in order to monopolize this business, an idea was perceived to create a regulatory body that will force doctors to use pharmaceutical drugs and discourage the ways medicine was used previously such as *homeopathic medicine and other natural healing methods as was with Kelloggs Sanitarium of which the elite rich and powerful continue to seek out and use to this day! Lets not forget about the great "Harry Hoxsey" which they closed down because he was curing cancer naturally and not charging the poor. This resulted in the creation of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

And yes...Some evil one along the way figured out if food can be used for healing they must find a way to alter it to sell more chemical poisons to bring more business into their hospitals

then push drugs on us.

(Food & Pharma Investment)

The American Medical Association (AMA) was founded in 1847, resembling the British Medical Association which was chartered in 1832. The hidden main objective of the AMA is to create a total monopoly of the medical practice in the United States by using allopathic medicine as the basis of its practice. It would use "anti-quackery" campaign to achieve this objective. The FDA (previously was another name), began its function when Congress passed the Pure Food and Drugs Act in 1906. Its creation was very much influenced by the Rockefeller pharmaceutical cartel. It will eventually work together with the AMA and other organizations such as philanthropic foundations to monopolize the medical industry in the United States by eliminating competitors and to control health products.

The AMA will promote and organize doctors to use mainly pharmaceutical drugs and the FDA will serve as the regulating body.

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) is one of the most influential medical journals in the world. In 1924, Morris Fishbein, became head of AMA and primary editor of JAMA. He would use his position to bring down competitors as well as other practitioners.

Many genuine medical practices were attacked and suppressed. These include known cancer cures such as the Harry Hoxsey Method by Harry M. Hoxsey (forced into Mexico because he did not charge the poor) and Dr. Royal R. Rife Frequency Machine. In 1949, Hoxsey won a lawsuit against JAMA and its editors for libel and slander. In the same year, Fishbein was ousted from AMA.

After World War II, the OSS was changed to become the CIA and Allen Dulles, a cousin of the Rockefeller brothers was put in charge of the organization. With the help of the CIA, the use of pharmaceutical drugs would be promoted to wherever there is American influence and eventually to most areas worldwide. This can be seen by the presence of pharmaceutical companies all around the world.

IG Farben and Rockefeller had ties before and after World War II.

Here is an example of how pharmaceutical drugs reach out to the world:

In the 1970s, the West German government withdrew marketing permission for ICI's drug Clofibrate after comprehensive clinical trial showed that it caused more harm than good. ICI threatened legal action against the government and a short time later the drug was again made available.


Prescription drugs are one of America's leading causes of dis-ease and death. The problem with prescription drugs is very simple...they do nothing to cure dis-ease. All they do is suppress the symptoms of dis-ease by disrupting normal cellular functions. Abnormal cell function is the very definition of dis-ease, and since prescription ("chemical") drugs cause our cells to malfunction, then...

"Yes", all drugs cause dis-ease, but we obscure this fact by calling these dis-eases "side effects." Ironically, the "side effects" are often more dangerous than the dis-ease being treated in the first place. A recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that in one year over two million hospitalized patients suffered serious drug reactions, resulting in 106,000 deaths. Some side effects! But this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Too many adverse reactions or procedures cause public concern and scrutiny, so just imagine a hospital's incentive to understate them. Another article in JAMA estimated that only 1 in 20 reactions are reported. In truth, tens of millions are injured and an estimated 400,000 are killed every year by these dangerous poisons. Anyone taking a prescription drug will be harmed to some degree by these drug-caused diseases. Consider that disrupting even one cell function will ultimately have a negative effect on the entire body.

A single prescription drug can disrupt multiple cell functions causing thousands of biochemical changes. Introducing a second drug can cause tens of thousands of changes, and a third can produce hundreds of thousands. Since the average patient over 60 is on four drugs, you can begin to comprehend the extent of the biochemical chaos being created. This is not healthy! Very often a second drug is prescribed to suppress the problems caused by the first, and then a third drug to suppress the symptoms caused by the first two, and so on.

Statistics show that prescriptions for antibiotics are still on the rise, despite medical journals warning doctors to cut down on them. Excessive antibiotic use has bred "superbugs" that the strongest antibiotics cannot kill. Right now, there are people sick with infections that are immune to all known antibiotics. Another commonly ignored "side effect" of antibiotics is that they also destroy normal gut flora, leading to mal-digestion, malnutrition, and cellular toxicity. The damage antibiotics can do is scary, often permanent, and getting worse as doctors continue to over-prescribe them.

Nobel Prize winning (vitamin C) chemist Linus Pauling predicted that the use of toxic chemicals to suppress disease symptoms, which he called a toximolecular approach, was a blind alley that would lead nowhere. Where it has lead is to a catastrophically expensive and ineffective disease-care system, where people are killed and injured daily, where they remain chronically ill, and where the costs are projected to double in the next ten years. When someone is sick, they are already in toxic overload. Why compound their problems by giving them more toxins? Get C here.

Pauling proposed an orthomolecular approach where one provides molecules that are naturally organic and helpful in supporting and restoring normal cell functions, allowing the body to heal and restore itself to health.

If you are now on prescription drugs, recognize that you are choosing to take them, and that there are safer, more natural, and more effective alternatives. You may want to find yourself another doctor, one practicing orthomolecular or preventive medicine, who will address the causes of your problem and help you get well, rather than prescribing poison to suppress your symptoms. To make a sick person well, you have to give their cells all the things they need to function normally, and keep them away from the things that disrupt normal function. Prescription drugs disrupt normal cell function. When cell function is normalized, you cannot be sick. This is what the orthomolecular approach is all about. It's using whole food vitamins, minerals, and natural food remedies to re-balance the body and make it well again. The obsolete approach of using toxic prescription drugs to suppress symptoms is guaranteed to make and keep people sick-yet pharmaceutical companies grow as sales go up every year. Go figure!

Written by: Raymond Francis an M.I.T.-trained scientist and an internationally recognized leader in the emerging field of optimal health maintenance.

Only when you believe everything "A DOCTOR or NURSE" tells you to be true.

There are safer & gentler ways to handle what life may send your way.

A Big Pharma Chemical Drug is not one of them!

Don't let them stress you out!

Read | 1 Corinthians 6: 19-20 We all know there is an undeniable relationship between our health and our ability to reach our full potential. We may labor to have a clean heart, a clear mind, and a balanced schedule, but without a healthy body, we simply cannot do our best. And good health will be enhanced when we begin to think about our bodies the way God does. In the sixth chapter of 1 Corinthians, the apostle Paul teaches that our bodies belong to the living God (vv. 19-20). As a result, we all have to make a decision: Am I going to take care of my body, or will I ignore or abuse it? None of us would walk into church and deliberately make a big mess, smearing red or black paint all over the place. We wouldn't do that, because we respect the church building as a place where God's people worship. With that in mind, consider this: The human body, because it is indwelt by the Holy Spirit, is far more important than any house of worship that ever existed. Nevertheless, people often assume that neglecting or mistreating the body is their own prerogative. Whether the issue is substance abuse, abortion, or unhealthy habits, many people will say,

But as we read in Scripture, your body is not your possession. Although you can do as you please, you will pay the price for poor decisions. Sin has its consequences, and sin against the body can inflict a penalty that lasts even beyond the present generation. Ask God to help you regard the body as He does so that you will care for it appropriately.

Modern day foods are not clean foods!

Chemicals sprayed onto our foods and soil have taken a toll on our health in the way of cancer and many other diseases.