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Why We Must Nourish Our Cells With Clean Food 

The cell membrane encloses your cells like your skin encloses your body and, in the same way that your body has tissues and organs within it to support your overall function, each of your cells has its own miniaturized version of tissues and organs. The miniaturized organs are called organelles, and they carry out much of the day-to-day functions in your cell. Some of the most important organelles in your cells are the energy-producing powerhouses, called the mitochondria.

The mitochondria are the place where your cells produce the energy they need from the nutrients in the food you eat. Each of your cells has several hundred to over two thousand mitochondria inside of them, depending on their need for energy. For instance, heart cells and the cells in your skeletal muscle, which have very high energy demands to support the constant movements within your body, have up to 40% of their space taken up by mitochondria. All together, your body has over one quadrillion mitochondria that are constantly producing energy.

Eating organically grown foods also minimizes the degradation of DNA and may help to better sustain health

Recent test tube and animal research suggests that certain agricultural chemicals used in the conventional method of growing food may have the ability to cause genetic mutations that can lead to the development of cancer. One example is the chemical pentachlorophenol (PCP), which has been found to be able to cause DNA fragmentation in animals.

Several of these agricultural chemicals used in the conventional growing of foods have also been shown to have a negative effect upon mitochondrial function. These chemicals include paraquat, parathion, dinoseb and 2,4-D, all of which have been found to affect the mitochondria and cellular energy production in a variety of ways including increasing membrane permeability (which exposes the mitochondria to damaging free radicals), and inhibiting the protein that creates ATP..

The future of your food and health is only in your hands! You and only you decides what goes into your body and no one else. Most of us all are living in food deserts in this world today because of Monsanto. This web site will show you how to grow organic food or you can find other sites that will do the same. 

We Must Stop Eating Chemical Poisons!