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An original WW2 allied forces intelligence report on the:

Pharmaceuticals and Insecticides I.G. Farbendustrie A.G. Hochst/Main

Issued in small numbers by the Combined Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee (CIOS), 1945, as a result of visits of a team of intelligence officers to plants and factories on the CIOS Black List of targets for investigation in the Miscellaneous chemicals category.

10 x 7.5 inches, 25 x 19 cms, 38 pages, 9 photographs.

Between 1933 and 1945, I.G. Farben played a central role in the Nazi economy, producing a wide range of chemical products, some of which, because of their wartime use by the Nazi regime, led after the war to several company directors and senior managers being tried for 

13 were sentenced to prison terms of between one and eight years. However, political and commercial expediency resulted in most being quickly released with several becoming senior industry executives in the post-war companies that split off from the I.G. Farben group.

This is one of several reports by CIOS, each dealing with different areas of production in one or more of Farben's various plants and factories. This particular report concentrates on research into various pharmaceuticals and insecticides. Most of which were used to experiment on the slave labor inmates in Farbens camps but you may also be using them today in and on your food along with "other products" you may need to detox with everyday.

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Notice the single early library stamp at right top corner of document below.

This document was found on Ebay. I copied what was there but could not afford to purchase the entire document.

Below is an original letter by the German IG Farben. It is related to an insecticide, pesticide, insect killer, so probably Zyklon B which was the pesticide that was distributed by the IG Farben. Can you think of a better way to bring it into the United States then through German POW laborers? See Here!

On the letter is the IG Farben stamp print as well as a stamp and handwritten signature. The letter reads:

We took note of the content of your writing and allowed us to submit a collection of pictures and prospects of our pesticide. We sent some preparations which are bottled in glasses with special post to your address. As can be seen from the brochures, the various means which have already proven themselves to be the best have been examined and recommended by the first official and private authorities. In addition, since the use of the products has brought about considerable economic benefits, they have been introduced to the market in a surprisingly rapid manner and are widely accepted. Since combating pests and diseases is of paramount importance, we would like to draw your attention to them in your teaching, and request you to explain the application and the purpose of these remedies by means of the materials submitted to them

Photo to left is what is on the front of postcard above.


Our worlds victimized pawns are controlled by Slave Masters.

We and our environment are paying for this chemical and drug miss-take.

An original death card plus the death message, written by a staff doctor to the father of the deceased soldier. The killed in action soldier was a SS-Police staff Sergeant of the SS-order Police ! According to the fieldpost number 28537, he was with the SS-Police Regiment 2, Kampfgruppe von Gottberg. This unit fought along with the 95th Infantry Division against Partisans in Russia. It is reported that this Police Regiment has executed 1000´s of Partisans.

In pious memory of my beloved husband and father, staff Sergeant Heinz Hien, holder of the Iron Cross 2nd class and the wound badge, born on 19. August 1913, killed in action in the East on 30. March 1944.

The death message letter reads:

Staff doctor H. Lermer, fieldpost number 28537

O.U. 16. April 1944

Dear Mr. Hien !

I have the sad duty to inform you, that your son, staff Sergeant Heinz Hien died on 30. March 1944 for the Führer, the people and the Fatherland. Your son was on the frontline along with his unit at a forest area in Witebsk. In the morning of this day, the unit had been attacked by a group of Partisans. Right in the beginning of the combat, your son was hit in the chest by an enemy bullet and he immediately deceased on location. After suppression of the Partisan attack, your son could be salvaged and was buried by his comrades with all military honors. Dear Mr. Hien, I am as a doctor can assure you that your son had not to suffer any pains ! I have learned from his Chiefs and comrades that your son, as leader of this unit, always fought brave and exemplary against the supremacy Bolshevic Judaism. His Chief personally informed me that Heinz will be posthumously awarded with the Iron Cross 1st class ! You can be proud of your son ! Dear Mr. Hien, I hereby express my deepest sympathy, also in the name of the whole unit. We have lost an exemplary brave soldier and comrade and will never forget him. I salute you with Heil Hitler and Sieg Heil ! H. Lermer