Written by a SS-Oberscharführer named Heiner Ehmann to his brother August who later was a Lieutenant with the U-boat hunting Flotilla Command.

I know that he was with the Panzer reconnaissance unit of the 5th SS-Division "VIKING". On the envelope is a 100 % ORIGINAL mounted silvern death´s head of the Waffen-SS!!!

The sender of the letter wrote following lines:

To August Ehmann - mental hospital in Konstanz

Ellwangen 21. II 1939

dear brother !

birthday ! a day where one thinks that one becomes more mature and numerical older. Actually you never become older. Everyone has new deeds on every day and that means working. Doesn´t matter if I am 20 or 30 years old. You are young as I am young also, but there is a difference anyway. You are a trainee and I am a soldier. You know what this means. Until yet, you still walked in children shoes and you even don´t need to meet the serious side of life yet. You have much time for in later years. There is one thing which you need to learn, namely to think in the youth of the old. You must have one goal and your whole thoughts and work must be oriented to this goal. By having a goal, you later will not make any reproaches to yourself. When you get up in thís morning and when you see your birthday present table then you will recognize and understand the love given from your parents. If you once will sit on a table and need to celebrate your birtday alone and without your beloved ones, then you will understand the value of having a parents home. Once, the only thing that you will have will be the memory of your parents home. Last year I experienced my most worst birthday, because it was my first birthday away from home. Many strange people and no knows anything from each other. If then a letter or a package arrives from the hand of our family, it is more worth than anything else. These words should not make you sad or bring you a sad moment. These words shall always be in your memory and perhaps being a help for your later life. These words shall also keep you away from bad knavish boys tricks. Now I wish you all the best on this day. May you always be healthy and always have a sense of life. I further wish you, that you can stay with our parents as long as possible. Your brother Heiner. Faithful, loyal and diligent. These three words are crucial for your later welfare and for your whole life !