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 Physician Is Within You!!! 


Ever wonder why

our government is

no longer asking

us to grow our

own food to cut

food cost?

You will find out

here on this site.

Our New World+?

We are looking to transform Jacksonville's landscape+ to a more chemical & violence free environment. To  do  this  we  must  first  and  foremost  begin with the food

we put into our bodies. Our nations strength once came from the soil of the earth and not from the end of a gun barrel. With this in mind we are in search of someone that has a small piece of land that they would be willing to donate so we can train you in the fundamentals of permaculture so that you can learn how to train others. You don't have to have a green thumb. We are in need for those of you who know

mother earth  and  her people are in real trouble!  We  need  your  help  to

make her whole again. If you are someone who has experience in organic gardening or permaculture and wants to volunteer a few hours of your time in putting this together for our community please feel free to contact us. We need all the help we can get from anyone interested in helping us bring this full circle. You can contact me from homepage to get all the details needed to get started. We really want to make this happen for anyone trying to escape the violence in our world

Come be one with us and ...