Knowing that most people today only have an attention span of fifteen seconds or less I have decided we must expand on that time here. Please go back & click here on Viet Nam Veteran to really get into how chemicals & processed foods are being used as a weapon against all of us to push their agenda of malnutrition, synthetic vitamins and prescription drugs onto you and your loved ones. With their agenda of feeding us denatured food they will always have control over us and a market for their synthetic vitamins and drugs. Never allow or depend on any

government to take over your food supply to nourish your well being as is happening today with BAYER(Monsanto).

Printing Vietnam Propaganda Psyops Leaflets Which We Dropped Over Nam

Today in 2021 myself and several other Vietnam Veterans are filing VA claims for Agent Orange exposure while on Okinawa during the war.

There were dozens of different leaflets asking the people to inform on the whereabouts of the Viet Cong. Many offered rewards and we mention them in a different article. In this very early JUSPAO leaflet from about 1962 the people are asked to inform just for their own general welfare and that of the nation. The front of the leaflet depicts farmers being forced to give the Viet Cong their rice and receiving worthless promissory notes in return.

The text is:

Denounce the actions of the Viet Cong. Do not let the Viet Cong steal your rice and kidnap your sons and relatives. Denounce Viet Cong actions to the Army of the Government of the Republic of Vietnam.

The back of the leaflet depicts Vietnamese Army troops asking a farmer to tell them where the guerrillas are located. The farmer points in their direction. The text is:

Did you see any Viet Cong today? How many of them were there? Where were they? How many weapons did they have? Help the Government's Army restore peace and tranquility to Vietnam. Tell the Army about the Viet Cong and where they are hiding.

" Denaturing Any Nations Food Supply Will Disable & Conquer Our Nation "

(Please be careful because this group is of the Rockefeller Foundation! Locally Grown Organic Is The Best!)